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Our servicing department inspects all Edgemax Switch for functioning, wear, and optical quality upon entry. We at COPLEXUS are committed to delivering compact and lightweight Edgemax Switch that is reasonably priced. As a result, every piece of Edgemax Switch is thoroughly tested for functioning, making it better than anyone else! This allows us to ensure that the network switch we supply works well and to provide you with a warranty on the equipment.

Ubiquiti Edgemax Switch

The Ubiquiti Edgemax Switch has enough forwarding capacity to process traffic on all ports at a line rate without packet loss.

The Ubiquiti Edgemax Switch provides robust performance and intelligent switching for expanding networks. The Edgemax Switch delivers a comprehensive set of sophisticated Layer-2 switching functions and protocols, as well as Layer-3 routing functionality.

COPLEXUS's intent is to provide tools and resources that simplify administration while yet providing the degree of security that an organization demands. Everything COPLEXUS does begins with giving the best security most straightforwardly.